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Monday, February 3, 2014

Rank your home remodelers

We love working with homeowners and especially the friendly folks who live in and around the Charlotte, NC area where we also live and work. Over the years we have found that the simple exercise of writing down the “pros and cons” of each remodeler you are considering really helps you in the decision-making process. You may wish to use a spreadsheet so you can check each of the following criteria against the individual contractors you are considering to ensure you’re getting the best company for the job. This will also help you understand what questions to ask during the interview process.

  • Experienced in custom residential projects.
  • Only involved in custom residential projects.  (This gives you focus and attention to detail.)
  • Structured communication program to clients. (Returned phone calls, timely meetings, etc.)
  • Payment terms based on progress.
  • Licensed and bonded professionals and trades.
  • Policy for protecting job site and your home.
  • Photos and references from previous projects.
  • Remodeling company owners on-site and actively engaged in the daily project.
  • Remodeler provides a detailed quotation and handles  the business process with respect and leadership.
  • Remodeler listens to you, the client, and involves you  through each phase of the project.
  • Remodeler can do the project on my time and budget.
  • Insured with both General Liability and Workers Comp.
  • Remodeler has a plan to accommodate my active  family and household during the construction process.
  • Remodeler really cares about me and my family because they have taken the time to listen and  respond accordingly.

Overall, who do you feel has you and your family’s  best interests at heart? Who do you feel will do the best job? Put a big check mark in their column!


Have I forgotten anything?  Tell us about it. We’re here to help. Good luck!