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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Design/Build or Design-Bid-Build?

With Design/Build, you choose the designer/architect and construction team at the same time.  They can be from the same company or not.  This team then designs your project with your input.  The team will come up with a  preliminary design and budget.  Since the construction team is generating the budget it will be more accurate.  In addition, the team will generate a list of questions and concerns.  If there are any technical or construction questions during the process, the construction team is available to answer them.  The benefts of Design/Build is a smoother and usually shorter design process and a smoother construction process.


With Design-Bid-Build you design the project with the architect or designer.  Then you have several contractors bid on the design.  If there are question or you have to adjust the scope of work, you take the design back to the  designer and have it re-quoted.  You repeat this cycle until you are satisfed with the design and costs …  Then you build it.