Getting Started

Beautiful design made elegantly simple

Home renovation is complex, and every project presents its own unique challenges, but that shouldn’t create stress and anxiety for you the homeowner.

 At Lighthouse Residential Remodeling, we’ve streamlined the remodeling process into five clearly defined steps that eliminate guesswork, promote collaboration and ensure a worry-free experience with results that will exceed your expectations.

1. On-site consultation 

Great results begin with listening and understanding, so we’ll start by getting to know you and your vision. 

For our first meeting, one of our principals will come to your home so that you can show us your space and explain not only what you want to accomplish but why. 

We’ll also take preliminary measurements, photos and review the site conditions in order to begin the process with an initial estimate.

2. Preliminary cost estimate 

Within two weeks of our first meeting, we’ll contact you to make an appointment to go over the detailed estimate.  The estimate we present will show you all of your project’s costs.  While this estimate is accurate, the work quoted is based on our brief initial site visit and may not be exactly what you want.  It is our first attempt at translating your vision into a project.  This first estimate also serves to see if the costs are in the neighborhood of what you want to invest in your home.  

3.  Design & Planning

When you’re ready to move forward, we will start the design and planning phase of your project.  During this phase, we will complete the designs, coordinate your selections, and identify any other key decisions that must be made.  We charge a 5% design retainer (applied towards the construction contract) to begin this phase.

During this phase you’ll work with one of our principals and with our designers to create a project design based on your ideas, dreams and project goals.  Along the way, we provide you with notes and any changes to the scope of work and budget. The goal of this stage is to make sure the final design provides the best solution for your remodeling needs.  We also want to make sure this final design, scope of work and costs are detailed and complete enough so there are no surprises during construction.

4. Production Contract

Once the Design and Planning phase is complete, we will present you with a construction proposal including the final design, detailed scope of work, and fixed production price.  Once we receive your approval and an additional 5% deposit (for a total of 10% of the production price), we’ll roll up our sleeves and start construction! 

5. Project Execution

Enjoy watching your vision become reality with the peace of mind of knowing that the owner-manager you’ve been working with all along will remain hands-on throughout the project to make sure everything meets our exacting standards for quality, cleanliness, and speed.

But this phase doesn’t end once the finishing touches are in place. Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied, and we’ll remain at your service long after the final day of construction in order to address any questions or concerns that might arise.      

For more information about home remodeling, please download a copy of our brochure Remodeling Your Home: Making the Right Choice. To get started with your own remodeling project, contact Doug or David Bengtson today.


We pledge:
  • That you will receive a prompt response to your calls and emails.
  • That you can expect detailed proposals, realistic allowances, clear contract language, documented schedules, uncomplicated change-order proceedures, consistent communication and an owner-managed client satisfaction process.
  • That you will experience honest, ethical and responsible behavior from every member of our team, beginning with the intial site visit through post-construction support.
  • That you will enjoy an extraordinary rremodeling experience every stepof the way resulting in an exceptional finished product.